Pharbas and Wabbos and Ogs oh my!

Journey to the fantastic realm of Waggaworld: Online where players will discover that adventure and excitement are as common elements as earth, air, fire, water and… Machine???

On Waggaworld, players can control the five magical elements of Mana (including machine!) to explore the continent of Mupaw, and join Avatar Temu in his quest to rid Waggaworld of the vile Queen Calissia and her evil Druun Legions. Temu is the latest in a long line of 'Avatars' sworn to protect the good people of Waggaworld from Queen Calissia; a potent sorceress who let her ambition warp her into a powerful and twisted villain.

In Waggaworld, players will build their own fantasy community from the ground up. Waggaworld is both a roleplaying game and a world-builder; players will design and customize their own castles or towers and then explore the world for fabulous treasures to fill them with.