Episode 1(Birthright) Outline

The Pilot for Waggaworld tells the story of Temu's final trial before becoming Avatar…

Master Gobo awakens one morning to discover the Obocron Staff has been stolen. The Obocron Staff is an ancient and mystical object that has helped safeguard the Mupaw for ages.

Master Gobo quickly locates Temu, who is busy playing 'tag' with some Elna Faeries. Temu is disappointed that his play is being disrupted but heeds Master Gobo nonetheless.

"Sorry gang, back to work."

Temu is summoned to his father Emperor Demu's throne, and is told about the missing staff. Temu recognizes that this could only be the work of Evil Queen Calissia and her villainous henchmen Frip and Dukar. Emperor Demu and Master Gobo challenge Temu to recover the staff as his last test before becoming Avatar.

"Assemble a small party of adventurers as to avoid detection and find the staff my son. Time is of the essence."

Temu enlists the help of his trusty companions Zig, Gig, Daabu, and the unflappable Professor Morpha. As they begin down the trail of the stolen Obocron Staff, their first stop is the lair of Calissia's sneaky hirelings Frip and Dukar. After some ticklish 'encouragement', Frip and Dukar admit they stole the staff, but it at the Goby Gob stronghold now.

Temu informs the group that he must enter the Goby Gob tower alone as his final test. Zig and Gig protest, but Temu is adamant. He explains that it will be very dangerous,

"Master Gobo told me there would be a time when I would have to face evil alone - without my friends. This would be the final test. If I pass this test I become the Avatar."

The little group devise a plan where Gig will provide a distraction and Temu will enter the Tower and recover the staff. Gig surprises everyone when his distraction turns out to be a sky full of fireworks, but it succeeds! Temu is able to climb up the Tower and challenge General Kurn for the Obocron Staff. Temu has a quick scuffle with Kurn and escapes from the tower with some acrobatic daring-do. But when he reaches his friends on the hill, they are close to being overwhelmed by a mass of rushing Goby Gobs. Things look grim for our intrepid heroes when, Zig hears the Obocron Staff calling out to her. When she graps the Staff and says some magic command words, she is able to create a mystical barrier that keeps the Goby Gob hoards at bay so they can escape!

"Bahh! Goby Gobs fall back!"

When Temu and crew return home, his mystical "Mark of the Elders" begins to glow… He is The Avatar now! After a celebration Master Gobo congratulates Zig on being able to wield the Obocron Staff and asks her to be his apprentice.