How would it feel…

…If your entire world was counting on you to save them?
…If one of your closest relatives was your worst enemy?
…If ancient prophecy said you had to do it all alone?

…And you just turned sixteen!

Produced in glorious 3D CGI, Waggaworld: The Series will offer thirteen half-hour trips into the magical realm of Mupaw. Waggaworld is the story of Temu, the ultimate Avatar who is destined to heal the land and restore Waggaworld to its magical glory.

Waggaworld: The Series centers on the fantastic exploits of Avatar Temu and his quest to rid Waggaworld of the vile Queen Calissia and her evil Druun Legions. But saving the world isn't easy! Temu is a teenager like any other, who must travel down the same hard path we all take growing up.

The audience joins the story on the day Temu faces his final challenge to becoming the Avatar. The body of Waggaworld: The Series, deals with Temu's daily struggle to live up to the high expectations of his parents and his world.