Main Character: Avatar Temu

Temu is the latest in a long line of 'Avatars' sworn to protect the good people of Waggaworld. Bearing the mystical 'Mark of Mupaw', an Avatar is a magical warrior with the strength of ten Waggas. But with great power, comes great responsibility--this is the lesson young Temu must learn!

Raised in magnificent Uhma Castle, Temu is Prince and heir to the throne of Mupaw continent. As if his responsibilities as Avatar weren't enough, his royal duties further keep him from fun within the forests and meadows of Waggaworld.

This is Temu's struggle… With the Waggas in constant danger by the hands of Queen Calissia, it's time for Temu to put away the toys of a child, and grow into the Wagga he is destined to become. His transformation into Avatar is a metaphor for puberty and it's awakening of primal drives.

Main Character: Zig

Zig is a beautiful and clever young Wagga, training as Master Gobo's apprentice. Zig and her brother Gig have known Temu since birth, and are his closest adventuring companions.

Zig secretly carries a torch for Temu and wants to help him live up to his great potential. She is somewhat vexed at this task, by her goof-off brother Gig and his constant attempts to sway Temu from his duties.

Zig is a natural foil for Temu as she embodies the maturity traits he lacks. Temu and Gig see her as somewhat of a 'stick in the mud', as Zig is an ever-present reminder of responsibility and duty.

Zig has a very rigid and structured way of thinking that could limit her growth as a wizard and a Wagga. When Master Gobo suggested she be a little more like her brother, Zig was devastated. What possible qualities did her Gig possess that she lacked?

Zig is a steady source of wisdom and maturity for both Gig and Temu, but she must learn the virtues of flexibility, good humor, and 'going with the flow'.

Main Character: Gig

Gig is Zig's goofy brother who also fashions himself a wizard in training. But where Zig is a competent student in the mystic arts, Gig well… ISN'T. Gig means well and has only good intentions, but Gig is awkward in all the ways a teen is awkward. Gig has the potential to be a great wizard, but is currently relegated to comic relief.

Gig is the third side in the character triangle between himself, Temu, and Zig. Gig understands the benefit of optimism, a good sense of humor and represents adaptability and spontaneity. Unfortunately, Gig lacks the discipline of his sister and seems relegated to the role of dreamer.

Ultimately both Zig and Gig symbolize equal halves of the whole Wagga Temu must become. They each pull him in their own direction, but Temu must take the best from both.

Main Character: The Great Daabu

The Great Daabu is a gentle giant from the mystical Isle of the Ancients. Part of the great Og race, Daabu is an ambassador of mercy to the Waggas and helps in the fight against evil Queen Calissia. Also, one of Temu's best friends, Daabu may be a slow thinker, but he is quick to do the right thing.

Main Character: Queen Calissia

Queen Calissia is a potent sorceress who let her ambition warp her into a powerful and twisted villain. Calissia was next in line for the throne of the great Druun Empire, but impatience for her father's powerful title led Calissia down the dark path.

Eventually experimentation into the dark arts began to take its toll on Calissia, slowly transforming her into a lonely, treacherous villain.

When Calissia tried to take over Waggaword for the first time, she was defeated at the last minute by the first Avatar. Horribly crippled by the encounter, Calissia's only motivation is to subjugate the defiant Waggas and destroy the new Avatar Temu.

Supporting Characters: Good Guys

Master Gobo: Wise old Master Gobo is the High Wizard of Mupaw continent, and advisor to Temu and the Emperor. Master Gobo has been around since before anyone can remember and is a living library of Wagga wisdom and Wagga lore. It is Master Gobo who is responsible for Temu's training and guidance down the path of the Avatar.

Professor Morpha: Professor Morpha is another comic relief character, but with a secret… Most Waggas see Professor Morpha as an old fuddy-duddy inventor with a squeaky British accent, but he is so much more!

Professor Morpha was actually the first Wagga, and the first Mupaw elder. No one really knows how old Morpha is, nor does anyone know the true power he possesses. Only Master Gobo has a clue as to his true nature…

Emperor Demu: Emperor Demu is the archetypal father figure. Deep voiced and compassionate, he represents the adult Temu strives to become. Whether Temu succeeds or fails, Emperor Demu is the standard he must measure himself against.

Empress Ara: Empress Ara represents Temu's conscience when he is conflicted on any moral issue. She is the ideal mother figure, who is patient but not pushy. Empress Ara knows that there are some things Temu can only learn through experience and failure.

Empress Ara is also Queen Calissia's sister and will function as a plot device to humanize Calissia and present her in a context to her former self.

Princess Manda: Princess Manda is Temu's clueless older sister who is hopelessly caught up in princess-mode. In contrast to Temu's journey of self-discovery, the only thing Manda wishes to discover is what shoes go with what dress.

Manda means well, but is desperately self-absorbed in her search for an eligible prince. To this end, Manda has a crush on Daabu that is so far unrealized.

Babak: Babak is the only one of his 'rad dude' race. Babak is Bill, Ted, and Wayne and Garth all rolled into one. Somewhat of a celebrity in Waggaworld, Babak has been everywhere and knows everyone. Babak functions as comic exposition.

Custodian Smelch: Custodian Smelch is the paternal old bog-dweller who looks after the (insert place). Many years ago, Professor Morpha discovered that Smelch emitted a gas that could be transformed into a clean burning fuel! Since then, Smelch has been the custodian of the Poot factory where the gas is harvested and processed.

Supporting Characters: Bad Guys

General Kurn:
General Kurn is first cousin to Calissia and was the noble leader of the Druun Legions. When he became perverted by the evil Ch'Adarak curse, Kurn became Calissia's most loyal henchman. His only goal is to defeat Temu, but at this Kurn is constantly disappointed.

& Tchog:
Before the vile Ch'Adarak hex, the Orca and Trolga race were close friends and allies. After the Ch'Adarak swept across the land, the Orca and Trolga began a vicious war.

Sensing they could be of use to her, Queen Calissia manipulated the poor leaders of the two races Skullz and Tchog into serving her. Skullz is the general and lord of the mighty Orca tribes, while Tchog leads the Trolga broods.

Frip & Dukar: Frip and Dukar are a pair of thieves who often work together in the employ of General Kurn. Any mission that requires stealth or subterfuge usually falls to Frip and Dukar.

Usually the two are working on an angle that will suit them best, sometimes conflicting with their mission. Only their complete and total dread of Calissia keeps them in line.

In theory, Drex is the most advanced Goby-Gob and their leader. In reality, Drex is General Kurn's toady and little more.

Brimm: Brimm is Queen Calissia's mad scientist crony who realises the technology behind her mad schemes. While Brimm is always anticipating his 'great invention', Calissia, constantly frustrates him with her mundane request to fix her toaster, coffee maker etc.

Drudge: Drudge is the master of the swamps, and Custodian Smelch's archenemy. They are both from the same region of Waggaworld, and must keep away from each other because their two gasses combine into a deadly combustible.